Friday, March 24, 2023


With so many millions of illegals, I don't think the solution is Ann Coulter's "truck them all back." They'll simply fence-jump again. There needs to be a path to citizenship for these people, and it should be one that requires them to (1) make sacrifices, (2) demonstrate loyalty, (3) receive English-language education (followed by education in other subjects), and (4) contribute to the country's greater good in some tangible manner, within a strict time frame. It should also be a path to citizenship that is much harder than the path for legal aliens. No right to vote until basic requirements are fulfilled and full citizenship has been obtained.

Not sure I'd call Roseanne "hot," but I get the point.

Easter Bunny or Easter Donkey?

a disarming mannequin

But... but... it's all mostly peaceful!

Bill Gates delenda est

But please do continue with your "dumb hick" stereotypes.

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