Friday, March 24, 2023

how not to bleed on your buddy's floor

Here's a pic of the gauze bandage the doc put on my foot yesterday. The thing lasted all day, and despite a good bit of walking, nothing bled through:

what the doc did

Excited by this, I went to a pharmacy, told my situation to the pharmacist, and bought this:

small size for toes

I tried one of the above bandages last night, and it seemed to work fine as I walked around my place. Today, I re-dressed my toe wound to see whether a good bit of walking might cause a leak. It did, unfortunately, so these bandages aren't as good as whatever the doc used yesterday. The leak, however, is much smaller than when I use regular bandages.

Since my goal is to keep my foot from bleeding all over Charles's floor when I visit him tomorrow, I seem to have several options. The best option is to re-dress my wound at Charles's place, after which I'll be set—able to walk around Charles's floor without worrying about leaving blood spots everywhere. (I'll probably still reflexively curl my toes back just to be sure. It's what I do in my own place, and I haven't left blood spots anywhere for a long while.) Other options include doubling up on the bandaging (which is no guarantee) or using my silicone "toe cap," which might work, for once, since the bleeding I'm seeing right now is minor. (The only problem with the toe cap is that it cuts off breathability for the wound.)

Whatever option I choose, I'll be able to enjoy myself at Charles's palatial residence without having to worry about befouling his floor with my life-essence.


Charles said...

"Palatial." Ha!

Don't worry about the blood. We went out and got a hazmat suit for you. Not sure how you're going to eat the scones through it, but I'm sure we'll figure something out.

Kevin Kim said...

Compared to my little shoebox of a studio... yes.

Charles said...

Point taken.

Kevin Kim said...

Of course, when I initially said "palatial," I was being a little bit tongue in cheek.