Monday, March 27, 2023

Saturday-night aftermath

How my sock looked Saturday night:

I didn't walk very much on Saturday: I had to walk out of my apartment to the street to catch a cab, then I had to walk from where the cab dropped me off to Charles's apartment. Once I got to Charles's place, I immediately checked my sock: no bloodstains at all, so Charles's floor was safe (right, Charles?). The above bloodstain, photographed around 11:30 p.m. Saturday night, is relatively small compared to the huge stains I normally get. I had double-bandaged my foot, and I put my silicone toe cap over the big toe pour faire bonne mesure, as the French say (for good measure). I was sad to see that the toe cap did not survive the day's abuse: it had ripped almost in two, which may partially explain why any blood leaked out at all. I'm a heavy guy, so whatever footwear I use is going to be treated mercilessly.

For the moment, I'm back to single-bandaging my toe wound, which means I'll have a bloodier sock tonight. I'm currently wearing my regular shoes to the office, but that'll change in the next day or so when I switch to my outdoor sandals. I'm now wearing my cheap rubber sandals (flip-flops) inside my apartment. It's a bit of a pain, and my soles sweat into the flip-flops, which is gross.

The toe cap was expensive, being around W11,000 from Coupang (nearly $10 US), so I can't keep buying toe caps every time one rips. I'm going to see whether I can find some other solution; then again, once I start wearing my mutilated pair of outdoor sandals, the bleeding from my toe will be minimal. It really does make a huge difference as to whether I walk on the wound or not. Such is the miracle of offloading.

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  1. Our floor looked like a goddamned crime scene after you left, man. We had to bleach the place lest our neighbors think we murdered someone.

    Nah, I'm just kidding. Our neighbors wouldn't care if we murdered someone.



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