Thursday, March 30, 2023

I haven't said anything all month, but...

Depending on what happens over the next day or so, I could be over 40K visitors for the month. I just hit 39K, and I might get a couple hundred more visitors before 9 a.m. tomorrow, when my site meter resets to 0 (I still don't know why it doesn't just reset at midnight; I set the time zone to Korea years ago). On March 4, I had nearly 5,500 visitors. No idea why. From March 6 to March 19, all my days were over 1,000 visits, with some 2,000-visit days and one day that was over 4K visits. After that, the streak ended (again, I have no idea why; these things come in random waves), and I've been hovering around my usual 600-ish visits per day ever since. Will I get enough visits to put my March numbers over the Warhammer 40K mark? I have no idea (he said, declaring nescience for the fourth time).

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