Wednesday, March 29, 2023

just the French being French

The French are known for their joie de vivre, their love of wine and women, and their appreciation for the need to stop and smell the roses. What they're not known for is a can-do, industrious attitude when it comes to work. (My buddy Dominique once told me, "Les Français ne sont pas des bosseurs," i.e., "The French aren't hard workers.") Years ago, the French complained that their 35-hour work week was too long. It is now illegal in France for a boss to call an employee after work hours. And in a recent twist, the French have come out in force against a raising of the retirement age (l'âge de la retraite). Krystal Ball (yes, that's her name) and Sagar Enjeti talk about recent riots in France:

Krystal and Sagar's Breaking Points channel is their independent foray into YouTube content creation. They used to be commentators for The Hill. I'd classify their point of view as left-leaning but self-aware, putting them on the edges of Tim Pool/Joe Rogan territory. Maybe a little too lefty for my taste, but they do frequently get critical of the left, and particularly of Joe Biden these days. Rogan has interviewed them multiple times.

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