Tuesday, March 21, 2023

response to Dr. V's recent post

I can't comment at Dr. V's blog without my comment being shunted to his spam folder, so I'll publish my reply here. Dr. V's recent post quotes Bruce Abramson, who writes about how wokeness has infiltrated every level of American society, stultifying and enstupidating fields, pursuits, and positions that once enjoyed respect and dignity. After quoting Abramson, Dr. V asks, "Is Abramson exaggerating? I'd say he isn't. What say you?" My reply:

I wouldn't dignify "woke" with capitalization, but I'd say Abramson is on point, and my own feeling is that things have gotten to the stage where we're long past dialogue and moving into the "saddle up, lock & load" phase. The old joke about socialism is "vote your way in; shoot your way out." Conservatives, being people of conscience, don't necessarily want to countenance this option, but conservatives themselves are greatly to blame for being so peaceful and passive, for letting this encroachment happen all around them. Just watch what conservatives do if Trump is indeed arrested. I half-joked over at Instapundit that it'd be nice to see all the gun-toting YouTubers assemble and form a protective cordon around President Trump, but we all know that no such thing will happen. Being a relatively peaceful sort, I don't want to see a hot war, but other options are rapidly dwindling. At this point, all I can say is: keep the powder dry.

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