Thursday, March 16, 2023


I've swabbed my nose and am now awaiting test results. About six minutes to go. Here are two pics of the test kit I picked up. Set me back only W10,000 (not even 8 bucks, I think).

The images at the bottom of the second pic show 3 scenarios: testing negative, testing positive, and getting an invalid result. Two bands can show up or not show up; each band has three possibilities: strong, weak, or nil. Testing negative means the "C" band shows up strongly. Testing positive means any combination of two bands showing up. The invalid result can be (1) nothing, (2) strong "T" band, or (3) weak "T" band.

Over the past three years, I was tested for COVID twice before today and was negative both times. Today, I'm not so sure. In a few minutes, I'll know my result. In the interest of accuracy, I might test myself twice since two tests came in this kit.

More in a bit.

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