Wednesday, March 29, 2023

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I can imagine a real baker being revolted by this, but if you're going low-carb, then the following recipe for a keto baguette may be one of your few options:

The above could use an egg or milk or butter wash for better browning.

As you might imagine, this is nothing like how you make real baguettes. Literally slopping the baguette "dough" into the baguette tray (which gives the bread its vaguely baguette-like shape) would probably elicit cries of anguish from actual bakers. For a contrast, watch Brian Lagerstrom demonstrate the making of a "beginner-level" baguette:

A real baguette is a yeast bread. The keto baguette, which uses baking powder for the rise, is closer to a soda bread. So this is not a baguette in any orthodox sense. This is a baguette-shaped thing meant to alleviate the bread joneses of the low-carb crowd.

I've got all the ingredients to make the fausse baguette except for the whey-protein isolate. This is annoying because I've bought a ton of different keto ingredients, but I keep having to buy more because every recipe specifies some esoteric thing ranging from flaxseed powder to allulose to whey isolate. Once the whey isolate arrives, I'll try my hand at making this baguette-like object. If it works, I'll be able to make keto versions of beloved sandwiches ranging from hoagies to meatball subs (using low-sugar tomato sauce, of course).

Stay tuned.

ADDENDUM: a potentially better baguette recipe, using yeast, is here:

And I think I may already have all the ingredients for this one!


Charles said...

Good luck in your continue bread adventures (breadventures?).

Kevin Kim said...

Mare sea bow coup.