Sunday, March 26, 2023

the ultimate cookie

The following video feels more like a clash between art and science than an earnest search for the "ultimate" cookie. The search employs logic and the process of elimination (very Ethan Chlebowski-like), lending the quest an air of plausibility. But part of me distrusts this sort of approach when it comes to making food that tastes good. Nevertheless, I watched with fascination as Babish followed his logic-tree to what he thought of as his perfect cookie.

Speaking specifically about chocolate-chip cookies, my perfect cookie is wide and flat. It's soft and chewy in the middle but hard and crispy around the edges. I like the variety of textures in this sort of cookie, and while I'm loath to give credit to Mr. Put Corn and Chipotle on Everything, Bobby Flay has made this very cookie in the past. I can't find the video where Flay makes that cookie, but here's a video with Claire Saffitz making almost the same thing:

As I once again start walking the strait path of the Newcastle diet, you can probably expect to see more food videos as I pine for what I can't eat. Ten weeks of me bitching and moaning (even more than usual).

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