Friday, March 31, 2023

Mike in his element

My buddy Mike recently had the honor of officiating a wedding—that of his nephew and fiancée (now wife). Here's a humorous picture from that event. The nephew was supposed to extend his left hand to receive his wedding ring, but he was so nervous that he insisted on proffering his right hand, prompting Mike to joke that the young man needed to study some picture books to learn to tell right from left. In the pic, the left hand (i.e., the correct hand) is out, and the nephew's posture seems to be exclaiming, "Oh, that hand!"

a laugh from the bride that says, "Took you long enough, oaf!"

The kind of moment that makes a wedding unique.

Mike says the ceremony went smashingly.

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The Maximum Leader said...

It went very well. Other than looking quite jowly in that photo, it really does capture the spirit of the day.