Saturday, May 28, 2005

100 Below: Volume 8
Gollum reviews "Revenge of the Sith"

What's it got up its sleeve, Precious?
Ooh! A lightsaber! Naaaaassssssty, clever little Palpatine!

So many people and creatures falling to their doom!
Wretched, filthy fall-from-grace visual metaphors, Preciousssss!

Wait!! What has it got in its uterus, Precious?
Skywalker twins!?
Ach, we hates the foul little twinses!

Teensy little Jedi master moves quick-quick-quick!
Watch where you swing that green lightsaber!
Look! My Precious thinks it’s a lightsaber, too!

And what’s little Christensen holding?
No! Keep it away! The Bottle of Bad Acting!

Aaaaaaagggghhh! It burns! Oh, it burns!

The Precious is shriveling! Noooooo!


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