Friday, May 27, 2005

le dilemme français

Not sure whether to laugh or... laugh maniacally.

Let me declare it now, before the entire blogosphere:


I'm seeing "Revenge of the Sith" tonight, so don't expect much Friday blogging. Please chew on the above linked article and write me a 500-word essay on how Jacques Chirac's life as a soda jerk in America (not a fucking joke; he really did live in the US and work as a soda jerk) has shaped his Gaullist vision.

While you're at it, maybe you can settle the question of whether he jerked those sodas in New York or in South Carolina-- Google's mess of results is all over the place on the subject.

What Google lacks: a means for assessing the authoritativeness of linked sources. Maybe a wiki-style rating system can be installed...? Then again, Wikipedia's not exactly inspiring trust, what with frequent "editing wars" in controversial articles.


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