Tuesday, May 10, 2005

snogging on Namsan

A first: upon reaching Namsan's summit this evening, I lumbered over to the concession/trinket stand and passed a young couple in full liplock. The sight of extreme PDA (a term common among high school teachers who frown on Public Displays of Affection) is a rarity in Korea*.

The couple chose a poor place to swap spit. Had they wanted more seclusion, they should have gone down the Namsan stairs a bit and sat at one of the benches oriented cityward. The night was cool; those benches had all been abandoned.

I look forward to catching a couple in full rut on the mountainside.

*Yes, I did once blog about that car under the street light, and the dude with his hand in the lady's shirt. But to me, that's not the same as sitting on a bench in a very public place, tongue-wrestling.


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