Saturday, May 21, 2005

postal scrotum: about Miss Panties

The Maven writes:

I doubt if panty girl doesn't know what she's doing. Wearing skirts that short? She'd have to be a total social dolt not to realize what she's doing. I think this transcends culture; it's generally accepted as a BAD THING to be givin' someone the bird's eye view of the cotton crotch panel of da panteez:)

And Andrew R. writes:

Hi Kevin,

Re: Friday panties

Yeah, that sucks she's trying to turn your crank. It's bad enough when the still-awkward & illegal high-school students practicing their budding charm on the "can't touch me" foreign teacher. But dealing with non-stop college co-eds must be tough.

Good luck hanging in there. Or taking pictures....


Both of you seem to agree she's doing this on purpose. She's a very good student-- maybe one of the best in the class. She's also quite a sweet person, not giving off a "bad girl" vibe. I've been wondering whether she's unaware of her aura, but then again, girls who dress sexily often know what they're doing. In any case, she's too young for me, and more important, she's my student, so I guess I'll just enjoy the show until she decides to wear pants.


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