Saturday, May 07, 2005

watch this space

Had the chance to meet up not only with my friend Charlie the KimcheeGI, but also with Oranckay and Wooj. Much beer was consumed by everyone except yours truly, the asshole teetotaler. I instead knocked back five cans of black fizzy liquid, thereby completely nullifying the effects of my Namsan hike yesterday. A most shameful bacchanalian display by all.

In line with the general theme of anti-Buddhist conspicuous consumption, the flesh of many helpless animals was greedily scarfed down in mass quantities, and innocent children were there to witness the foul deed. One of our number even attempted to persuade one child to imbibe in the free-flowing intoxicants. To her credit, the little one refused.

The afternoon featured smoke, flame, lighter fluid, furry orange toilet seats, being locked up in a garage, perverse bondage games, and a bizarre, half-sober "lightsaber" battle. Wooj had his camera; I had mine; doubtless two contradictory versions of the latter battle will be blogged on our respective sites.

Watch this space for photos sometime later today... probably continuing into tomorrow.


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