Sunday, May 01, 2005

why centrism is good

I can't ever imagine myself as a party-line Democrat or Republican. Why?

Because they're both too fuckin' funny.

Check out this piece from the way-liberal Fafblog.

Then check out this piece from the way-conservative IMAO.

NB: The IMAO "In My World" series is the only reason I visit IMAO. Everything else is lame, but if Frank J doesn't turn the "In My World"s into a book, I'll be very disappointed. If you're new to "In My World," you should be aware of some running jokes.

1. In Frank J's universe, Condoleezza Rice has visions of world domination and views Bush as an intellectual midget. (No comment.) If I'm not mistaken, she even has a hidden fortress somewhere and an army of psychotic robots. In Frank J's world, I mean; not in real life. (Be careful: the Dark Empress in the above linked "In My World" isn't Condi; I think you'll be able to figure out who it is.)

2. Donald Rumsfeld regularly goes "Raaaar!" and likes strangling people.

3. A dog named Chomps, the World's Angriest Dog, tends to hang around Rumsfeld and another character named Buck the Marine.

4. Buck the Marine is basically Rambo squared. Not too bright, but good at what he does and red-white-blue to the core.

5. Bush regularly comes off as stupid, but noble and lucky as hell.

6. No Democrat comes off looking good. Same for Muslim terrorists. Sometimes it's hard to tell who's who since they seem to be conflated in Frank's worldview.

7. Frank J has a hatred of monkeys, who are occasionally associated with the French, another object of Frank J's scorn.

Fafblog has its own cast of goofy characters, but requires no recapping for you to get the jokes. Frank J's a good comic writer but an awful speller; the people at Fafblog are better writers and deliberately misspell words to annoy us language Nazis.

Both sites are regular reads of mine.

If laughter truly is the best medicine, then these blogs are the ultimate political therapy.


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