Friday, May 27, 2005

the almighty Z

Z and another student were absent from Thursday's drama class. Z's absence was bizarre, though. Here's what a Korean teacher, Mrs. Oh, told me: Z appeared in front of Room 105 around 1:00PM (my class begins at 1:10PM). She saw Mrs. Oh, then began timidly muttering (in Korean), "Class...? Class...? Class...?" She seemed unable to form a coherent sentence even in her native tongue. Mrs. Oh, understandably nonplussed, asked Z which class she was talking about, and Z managed to say, "Kevin seonsaeng-nim's class." Mrs. Oh told Z that I was probably going to be there any moment, and Z reportedly said, "OK," then left the building.

I showed up about thirty seconds after this exchange occurred. Mrs. Oh ran off to try and catch my student, but she was gone. I was sorry that Mrs. Oh had felt obliged to run after Z.

After class began, I tried calling Z twice, but she's a sly one: she now turns her phone off so that she's unreachable except through text or voicemail. Convenient.

And childish.

Z never did show up for class. I wonder if she'll be there on Tuesday next week. Good God.

Maybe Z's the local crack dealer, and she's started dipping into her own stuff. I truly wonder how she ever got into this university.


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