Monday, May 23, 2005

what can 12,000 won get you?

The correct answer is not "Laid."

No-- the answer is: A pretty damn good meal for two (or for one big hominid) from the local Chinese delivery place for W12,000, or about $12.


Look what those bastards did to Patches!  Speak to me, Kitty!  Oh, Jesus Christ, NOOOOOOOO!

Above, you see two bowls of jjajang-myeon (Chinese pasta in black bean sauce), a large plate of t'ang-su-yuk (pieces of batter-fried meat) a large bowl of sweet-and-sour sauce, and some sundries like extra black bean dipping sauce, Korean sweet-pickled daikon radish (formerly known as ddak-gwang in Japano-Korean, but now known as danmuji, the original Korean name), onions (which I never eat), and a completely unnecessary saucer of spiced soy sauce. The latter would have made sense had there been any mandu (a.k.a. Chinese dumplings, potstickers, or gyoza).

The above meal compares reasonably well to the Chinese places I used to order from in northern Virginia. I got this wonderful spread over a week ago, and am only now blogging it.

The cell phone charger didn't come with the meal.


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