Thursday, May 05, 2005

shout-out to English Bloopers

Max Becker-Pos is a man on the move. He runs an excellent website called English Bloopers (it also features a blog); he's published several ESL-related books, maintains a site called e4k (English for Koreans), and is the Smoo teacher I replaced. Large shoes to fill.

Max also has the distinction of being the son of Pulitzer Prize-winning Ernest Becker, whose book The Denial of Death is now on my wish list.

Although Max gets more than enough traffic from his own marketing, I thought I'd give him and his sites a shout-out. He just moved to Japan and is about to become the proud father of twins. Max studied at the Sorbonne, speaks fluent Korean, and is picking up Japanese by osmosis even as I type this entry. Check out his work.


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