Thursday, May 26, 2005

postal scrotum: thank you, JESUS

An email NOT ABOUT PANTIES comes in from Matt. Instead, he takes issue with my rendition of the "dancing crap" line from "Fight Club":


I appreciate its presence*, but it's "the all singing, all dancing... crap of the world."

get it straight!


Busted, yo!

As a film geek, I have to accept this correction the way a Zen student must accept his thirty hits from the master (no bong jokes, s'il vous plaît), because it'd be dishonorable to do otherwise. I love quoting the movies I know well, and I admit I've seen "Fight Club" only a couple times, years ago. No excuse, though; the "all-dancing crap" line was one of the best ones in the film, along with the quip about selling the women back their own fat asses. I should have remembered.

*The quote's presence on my blog, I assume.


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