Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Spielberg trivia

The answers I have so far...

Jennifer V. wrote in quickest with:

The Color Purple

Yes, that's right! You win a large fleck of my dandruff!

Next up, Ribbit comes up with:

I believe "The Colo(u)r Purple" was a SS film not scored by John Williams.


Indeed! How about this freshly harvested colon polyp?

The Maven writes in third with:

I believe the movie "Always" was NOT scored by John Williams. The movie was a remake of "A Man Named Joe."

I hope this is what you are looking for.


Alas! According to Allmovie.com, John Williams did score "Always"!

I suppose this means my skidmarked underwear for you, fellow coprophile!

Andy R. then writes:

You wrote, "trivia The challenge! Name a Steven Spielberg film not scored by John Williams."

I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that John Williams passed on doing the score for "Joe versus the Volcano." Ditto for "Arachnophobia."

As it turns out, "Arachnophobia" was scored by Trevor Jones and directed by Frank Marshall, who produced many a Spielberg film. Spielberg himself is listed as one of two executive producers in the Allmovie.com entry.

"Joe Versus the Volcano" was directed by John Patrick Shanley and scored by Georges Delerue. Spielberg was executive producer.

I should have specified what I meant by "Spielberg film": a film directed by Spielberg. Since I can't decide whether Andy's answers are legitimate, I'll just offer him one dry and one wet booger.

Justin Yoshida writes:

> Name a Steven Spielberg film not scored by John Williams
"Alien vs. Predator," or that one with Steven Seagal as a Secret Service agent who gets sucked out of a special ops boarding tunnel to Air Force 1 at 35,000 feet ten minutes into the movie (his best role to date).

Smartass. No snot for you.


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