Monday, May 23, 2005


Lorianne writes, with regard to a sample sentence ("Adverse weather conditions forced Emily to bite down during fellatio on Ben's yacht.") in my recent mini-rant: large is Emily's mouth that she could fit an entire yacht inside?

This had me rolling. Little did I know, however, that I had been targeted for termination. In a subsequent email, the Dharma Mistress wrote:

Actually, my online Grammar class has been talking about ambiguously placed prepositional phrases, and this is a great example...but I don't have a big enough Yacht to share a fellatio reference with my students!

I'd argue that ambiguity in this case is possible only if a penis can be confused with a boat.

Do such confused women exist?

Image hosted by

Perhaps they do. Perhaps they do. I grudgingly concede Lorianne's point. A better sentence might be:

Adverse weather conditions forced Emily to bite down while fellating Ben aboard his yacht.

(The above photo reminds me of something out of The Odyssey. Abandon ship, Odysseus! Flee for your life!)


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