Monday, May 09, 2005

some links

Interesting discussion of John Hick vs. Keith Ward re: religious pluralism here.

Many thanks to Eunice for her kind remarks about my blog here. Makes me wonder how many Koreans read my blog... I thought my audience was primarily expat.

Wooj inadvertently brought up an interesting linguistic conundrum on Saturday: he pronounces "expat" as "ex-payte." This makes sense because it's a short form of "expatriate," which has a long "a." However, I tend to pronounce the word as "ex-pat" (i.e., rhyming with "neck's fat"), and the only rationale I have for my pronunciation is that the female name "Pat" is pronounced with a short "a."

Hmmm. Meditate on this, I shall.

UPDATE: I'd written "expatriot" without thinking, and Alan Cook was kind enough to email and point out my mistake. I've corrected the above to read "expatriate."


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