Monday, May 16, 2005


I blogged yesterday about my little cash windfall, which I thought might have been a terrible mistake.

Turns out everything's mine.

The good news: Nothing got deducted, and I've been paid for 5 weeks' worth of work (i.e., the payment includes the work I will do).

The bad news: Nothing was deducted because my alien residence card hasn't processed through yet. Next payday, I get hit with a double-whammy: two months' worth of insurance, rent, and other assorted fees.

So today I went to the bank and e-transferred money to an office worker who helped me out, as well as to my K'eun Adjoshi, to whom I can now, slowly but surely, start repaying my rental debt.

I'm still having to send home roughly $1200-1400 a month, which leaves me with peanuts here. Lack of money means lack of certain freedoms. Luckily, I'm socially retarded, which means I never spend a lot of money on partying with friends; and I'm working out by using Mother Nature as my gym. In theory, I don't have to spend a lot of money on things I won't be needing. Internet usage costs me nothing-- it's part of my Smoo package, and I spend a lot of time online writing. So we're good. It promises to be rough until about Thanksgiving, then things will smooth out.

I'm not looking forward to next month's hit, though: they'll be taking out two months' rent, tax, plus all that insurance and other crap. I'll be lucky to come away with anything.


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