Thursday, November 22, 2007

...and now it's Thursday

Much, much later today (it's about 12:40AM on Thursday as I write this), I'll be prepping and then eating a substantial Thanksgiving dinner. I'll be teaching until 2:10PM, leaving the office by 2:30 or 3PM, grabbing a couple last-minute ingredients, then spending the next few hours getting the meal ready. I won't be doing any live-blogging, but sometime after the meal you'll be treated to a slew of pictures that will provide you a front-row seat to the slaughter, the screams, the demented laughter of demon children, the flying sweat of dancing girls, and the funk of bestiality.

Yes-- bestiality. Where I'm from, we fuck the turkey, even as we're thanking it. Why else would the stuffing be so perfectly balanced between fluffy and sticky?


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