Wednesday, November 07, 2007

the question

"When will you stop wearing short-sleeve shirts?" one of my students asked. Most of my students have made the switch to fall fashion, but I'm holding out. The truth of the matter is that my fashion doesn't really vary from season to season, a fact that might drive a future spouse crazy (not that I see marriage in my near future; I'm convinced I'll be impossible to live with).

After a promisingly cold morning, the weather turned annoyingly warm today. It's November, and I can still walk around in short sleeves. I think a lot of the girls at Smoo have switched to fall fashion simply because cold is a state of mind: Everyone else has switched, so I should, too. Brrrr!

Bleh. I'll probably be wearing short sleeves when the first snowflakes drift down to earth. Howdaya like them apples, O my girlies?


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Jelly said...

But do you wear a second layer at night? I wore a 3/4 length sleeved shirt a couple weeks ago and I was really regretting not having a jacket. It's pretty cool by the time I stop working.