Saturday, November 24, 2007

cri de coeur

I want to thank the folks who appended their cheerful comments to my "yesterday's meal" post, but I also want to draw special attention to the most recent comment, from reader "John from Daejeon," regarding a horrifying and tragic event that occurred right in front of the school where he teaches: a little girl, one of his students, was struck and killed by a school bus. Go read John's story, then please leave him some expression of sympathy or solidarity or compassion. I agree with John: it's impossible to know what that little child's family is going through.

John, I don't know what to say except that you have my deepest sympathy. Now is the time for mourning; don't try to make sense of things-- at least, not yet. Instead, join your friends and your school community in a circle of comfort: be there for each other. At a time like this, presence is vitally important. Don't worry about the slithering franchise owners; save that problem for another day when righteous anger might have its use. For now, just grieve, just be there as both comforter and comforted.



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