Thursday, November 29, 2007

the gamble

I'm gambling that I can finish grading my students' final exams by 4PM today, at which point I plan to schlep over to Costco and do some bulk purchasing for the four jjong-parties we'll be having tomorrow. Bizarre as it may sound, I'll be doing pasta dishes all day long. It'll seem odd to the 7:40AM and 8:50AM classes to be eating food associated with lunch and dinner, but I can't see myself cooking breakfast for two classes and then prepping lunch-- an entirely different menu-- for the other two. Better simply to take a One Size Fits All approach and force-feed the same grub to everyone.

What grub? you belch. Simple enough: I'll be doing my usual Americanized riff off spaghetti bolognese, and will be trying an experiment as well: thinly sliced beef and mushrooms in red wine sauce over pasta-- my own take on boeuf bourguignon. I'm more of a "thin slice" person than a "chunk" person, and I want to be sure the wine is nicely infused throughout the meat. The pasta will be an assortment from a Costco six-pack that is surprisingly cheap. I hope the students won't mind the absence of spaghetti.

I might foodblog the craziness this evening if I remember to grab my camera (then again, I've foodblogged the spaghetti before... do you really need to see it again?). Ah, yes: I also need to write about the French meal my students and I enjoyed yesterday, courtesy of the Cordon Bleu and absolutely free-- a savings of around $100.

More later. Papers to grade now.


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The Maximum Leader said...

"Thin slice" and not "Chunk."

Heh. That made me laugh at a few different levels.