Saturday, November 17, 2007

must be lunchtime

The obnoxious hammering, the slam-bam-bam-banging of construction next door, seems to have stopped for the moment. It woke me up at 8AM this morning (you'll recall that I usually sleep in on Saturdays) and didn't stop until a few minutes ago.

From what I saw while walking home last night, construction proceeds apace. They've already plunged a whole mess of rebar into the foundation; it won't be long before the new building takes shape.

What's sad, though, is that the previous building wasn't really that old, and the new building, scrunched as it is between my dorm and another hasuk (this neighborhood, as is true of many campus neighborhoods, is a hasuk-ville), can't assume any shape other than that of the previous building. It seems a waste to tear down a perfectly decent structure and replace it with something that, at least in its externals, will look the same as its predecessor.


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