Thursday, November 01, 2007

still posting blind

The question of whether Blogspot blogs are being blocked is again murky, as it was last time. Here's what I know:

My buddy Mike of Naked Villainy, based in the US, says he sees the blog fine.

Rory of What Not To Do In Australia, in Oz, also reports all clear.

Charles of Liminality, near Seoul, says he can't see my blog.

EFL Geek, in Seoul, says he does see my blog.

Both Jeff Hodges of Gypsy Scholar and Jelly of I Got 2 Shoes report being unable to access their blogs.

I am unable to see my blog (am based in Seoul).

HOWEVER: I was able to see my blog when I went to it via Unipeak (, the same proxy I've used before. I did this earlier in the day, and it led me to believe that Blogspot blogs might be blocked.

If we are indeed looking at a blockage, then-- as happened last time-- the blockage is probably being enacted unevenly by various providers, not by some all-controlling central office (though it's possible that the order to block was given by a central authority). I base this deduction on the fact that EFL Geek, who is in Seoul, can see my blog (Geek, do you mean you have access from both home and office computers?). Still, I haven't confirmed that the current problem actually is a deliberate blockage. (I've heard some interesting theories about why we might be blocked, though.)

Please continue commenting so we can have a better idea of the shape and scope of the blockage. If you see anything on the news about what's going on, please leave a link to that news in the comments sections of this and successive posts.



UPDATE: A quick check of SiteMeter (good thing I remembered how to log in) shows that the five people currently looking at my site (11:07PM, Seoul time) are all in the States.

UPDATE 2: As of 1:13AM, I still have no hits from Korea. If this continues while it's daytime here, I'll conclude this is a serious problem.



  1. Hi Kevin,

    I can see you fine. It's 2:32 p.m. Thursday (New York time).


  2. No problem seeing your site from here in the southeastern U.S., Kevin.

  3. 8:41am at home - no problem. Will check at school when I get there aroun 11.

  4. Hey...facing the same problem here. Can access blogspot from home not in office...since yesterday. I think it is random blocking.....have different at Gwangwamun and stay just 5kms away. Gald to know that it is not an isolated case. Till it is sorted out, I guess we will have fewer Koreans to our blogs!Cheers.

  5. Same problem here...can access blogspot from home not office. But i guess it is random in Gwanghwamun and stay 5kms away...different ISPs. Till it is sorted out guess we will have fewer visitors to our blogs from Korea. Cheers!

  6. 11:27am at work and lightening fast connection - no problems

  7. Now I'm in my office and I cannot see blogspot. However using my laptop on the university provided wifi I have no problem.

    FYI there's a thread on dave about the blockage now, but I didn't copy the link

  8. I cannot see your (nor my) site from work, nor from home.

    Is this an election thing? I just read that Lee Myungbak is still interested in the Kyungbu canal and wanted to blog about it. I think blogs were blocked during the last election to prevent political commentary.



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