Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Costco turkeys

Enfin muni d'une nouvelle carte d'identité Costco (gueule de perverti bien affichée dessus), je me suis précipité directement au sous-sol, où se cachent les dindes. Là, j'ai fait une découverte: les dindes de la même marque que celles rencontrées au supermarché de Hannam ne coûtent que 40 dollars à Costco. Et oui.

Mais je dois dire-- bien que 40 dollars soit meilleur marché, c'est quand même cher. Autre chose: pourquoi vend-on les dindes anglaises et non pas les dindes américaines? Le Thanksgiving est une fête nord-américaine, après tout...



Anonymous said...

40 bucks? That's higher than I remember.

I was also puzzled by the lack of American birds, but the British bird turned out to be quite plump and tasty, much like the British themselves.

Oh, and congrats on the Costco membership. I was under the impression that you were going to pass on that, seeing as your time on the peninsula is drawing to a close (for now, at least).

Kevin Kim said...

I was indeed going to pass on the membership... then I actually entered Costco.

Yes, I am that weak.

On the bright side, though, the membership pays for itself after you shop there a few times.

The problem, too, is that Tom's using his friend's card, and there's always a chance he'll get caught. I'd rather not take that chance-- having a legitimate card of my own is safer. Plus, I don't want to be chained to Tom's schedule; I'd like to be able to shop at Costco on my own, whenever the spirit moves me.


Anonymous said...

I knew the Costco fever would get you sooner or later. Welcome to the club.