Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Veterans Day

With sincere respect and gratitude. No eye-rolling, and no cynicism. You guys routinely and voluntarily put your asses on the line; I don't. Believe me, I'm grateful for what you do.

And I've got homework for you: if you're in the Alexandria, VA area, say hey to my dad. Back in the 1980s, he made it his mission to sit down with Vietnam vets, listen to their troubles, shake their hands, and say thank you for their service. Sure, his actions were part of a larger national awakening about-- and apology to-- Vietnam vets, who spent many years being shunned, marginalized, and otherwise left without a safety net. But this doesn't take away from the value of Dad's actions.

Dad did his service in Taiwan (USAF) and didn't see combat, and in some sense his ministrations in the 1980s were a form of "making up" for not being there with his fellow soldiers when the shit hit the fan. Over the years, Dad has made it his goal to treat combat vets with extra care and respect. If you're a vet and you see Dad, say hi. No need to say thank you; he thanks you. So do I.

UPDATE: Dad emails to tell me that he still works with vets to this day. Sorry, Dad.


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