Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ave, Elisson!


Charles, that link is definitely up your alley.


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Anonymous said...

Just reading that brought tears to my eyes. When I was very young, every Sunday my father used to bring home a big box of pastries from the local pastry shop, and that was our breakfast. It was a plain white box with plain white string, but you could almost see the glorious light of joy seeping out from the cracks. My brother and I looked forward to that all week. It was legendary.

Hyunjin makes fun of me sometimes when I get really into bread. She'll come home, tell me about the wacky things her students did that day, and then I'll say, "I thought of this great new bread recipe" and launch into the latest concoction that has captured my imagination (today: oatmeal bread with brown sugar, cinnamon, and raisins, inspired by breakfast).

I sometimes fantasize about giving academia the finger and running off to France to become a baker's apprentice. I could never make it as a chef (you have to have a certain physical heft for your word as a chef to carry any, ahem, weight), but I think I could be a baker.