Sunday, November 11, 2007

let them eat cake

My brother David called me yesterday around 2PM (about midnight, Virginia time) and told me he was planning to make a "checkerboard cake." I'm hoping he took pictures of the process and the final product.

Well, Big Boy? Got any pictures?


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Anonymous said...

Sorry hatte - I tried to take pics but the battery wuz dead - needed to be charged. Luckily, someone took a pic of the cake - camel, candles and all - at the party. we should get copies of the pics by Mundaie.


The cake turned out well - slightly dry in spots, but overall it was tasty. I made a dark chocolate ganache and added hazelnut liquor - folks like the ganache and loved the checkerboard pattern on the inside.

So - mission accomplished.

You'll only have final product pics though - sorrie hatte.