Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'm somebody's source? Scary.

Check out the Wikipedia entry for budae-jjigae and scroll down to the "References" section. Uh... my thanks to the person who did that, but I do hope there will be links to authoritative Korean sources as well. Oh, wait-- it's a wiki! I can add them myself, can't I?



Anonymous said...

Awesome. People are finally starting to recognize the Hairy Chasms for the treasure trove of information that they are.

You ready for some more Wikipedia sweetness?

Now click on that picture in the upper right to enlarge. That "bong and water pipe dealer" is my bro, Brian.

Kevin Kim said...

I love how the sign at the table says, "Tobacco Use Only." Is that referring only to the front row of merchandise, or is it an attempt at claiming that even the big-ass bongs in back are meant only for tobacco?

Your bro's also got a Korean connection, I see: his table is next to a Hyosung ATM.


Anonymous said...

The sign refers to all the products he sells, and it's pretty much mandatory to avoid laws about selling drug paraphernalia.

Yeah, I noticed the ATM as well. Small world.