Tuesday, November 20, 2007

expensive birds

Lemme ask you: would you pay $67 for a measly little 16-pound British turkey?

Didn't think so. Neither would I.

Hannam Market, where I went shopping for some Thanksgiving goods, is currently selling whole turkeys, and the above price is what I saw. I think my testicles reflexively shot back into my body when I rolled over one of the bird carcasses and got a clear view of the price tag. My colon, mad with fury, was ready to call in an air strike. "Damn them!" it shouted. "Damn them all!"

Not that I could do anything with a whole turkey, anyway: I have no oven, the lack of which would make cooking an entire bird, even a scrawny 16-pounder, quite a chore.

On Thursday, you'll see how I've resolved the turkey issue. Oh, yes-- there will be turkey on Thanksgiving Day.



Anonymous said...

Costco sells whole British turkeys (same size, I believe) for much, much less. Like half the price. We bought one last year and I cooked a Christmas dinner for the fam and some other relatives (I know a lot of people have ham at Christmas, but we always had turkey). The turkey was actually quite delicious. Very juicy and tasty. I was really surprised.

Not that you would be able to do anything with a whole turkey anyway. Just sayin'.

(I think I have some sliced turkey breast in the refrigerator. I'll have to make sure to make myself a turkey sandwich on T-day.)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I bought an 18 pound butterball at the commissary for around twenty bucks. It's amazing how much more some things are on the economy.

I guess the cheap(er) food prices on post are some compensation for being paid in dollars. 'Cause my dollars don't buy near as much beer in Itaewon as they used to.

John Mc.

Anonymous said...

Another option rather than a whole bird would be to buy pieces and then truss it up like a Turkey Frankenstein. Sure it's not a perfect vision of "turkey-ness," but this also ensures three legs if you're into more dark meat.

Just a thought.

R said...

Hope you're not intending to prepare it Southpark/Martha Stewart style.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how long that SP/Martha would have to "bake" that turkey, at 98.6 degrees body core temp, it's sketchy how long she'd have to cook that thing.