Monday, November 12, 2007

Ave, Elisson!

I was morbidly curious to read Elisson's take on the recent murder-by-bludgeoning of 62-year-old Linda Stein, an acerbic realtor who worked with many celebrities in what must have been a high-pressure business. Stein's demeanor may very well have led to her demise, if we can believe the testimony of the woman who confessed to her murder: 26-year-old Natavia Lowery, Stein's personal assistant. Lowery apparently had had enough of Stein haranguing her and blowing marijuana in her face (huh?), so she (Lowery) cut loose with some vigilante justice right there in Madame's residence.

Elisson's post finishes with this somewhat out-of-the-blue line:

Yeah. Stein probably had it coming.

Harsh, man. Harsh.

Give Elisson's post a read. A lot of it is devoted to the question of the murder weapon, described by Lowery as a "yoga stick." Not to be confused with:


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