Tuesday, November 27, 2007

yowza-- red wine!

I'm not a drinker, but I don't skimp on the alcohol when I cook. Riffing off a type of stuffing I encountered two Thanksgivings ago, I doused the stuffing I had made with red wine and let that puppy soak a full day. Tonight, once I got home, I grabbed the stuffing, some greens, the remains of my amazing mashed potatoes, and some gravy.

When I opened the large plastic container that held the stuffing, I was treated not to a blast of wine scent, but to a gentle breeze of it. Somehow, I had managed to pour just enough devil brew into the stuffing to keep it from skewing too obnoxious or too timid. I have a sinking feeling that I won't be able to replicate that trick, so it's incumbent upon me to enjoy the moment.

On a whim, I took a large plastic Nutella lid and crammed some stuffing into it to make a patty. Then I did it again. I poured a wee bit of oil into a griddle and fried those patties up. In the end, they ended up looking a lot like the sausage patties they might have been had I not added any bread. I sprinkled some leafy greens onto my waiting plate, reverently placed the patties in the plate's center, added my mashed potatoes* and gravy, and sat down to eat.

Holy shit, that kicked ass. I doubt I'll ever eat wine-free stuffing again. Amazing.

*Readers who saw the meal I made know that, technically, they're whipped potatoes, not mashed.


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