Saturday, January 05, 2019

a revised weekend schedule

Thanks to Charles's comment, I found okra over at the Foreign Food Market in Itaewon—a slightly quicker trip than going over to the Gyeongnidan neighborhood. I'm about to head out to get the rest of the gumbo ingredients. The goal will be to make a gigantic batch of gumbo that can feed the entire office on my floor by this coming Friday. You heard that right: Friday. I'll be making the gumbo tomorrow, but if I learned anything from my previous experience, it's that time is an essential ingredient of gumbo-making. The flavors really do need a few days to marry well, so I'm going to give them a chance to do so.

Tonight, then, will be devoted to making andouille sausage according to my new, improved method (to wit: increase flavor and fat content by adding bacon!). Tomorrow, I'll spend a goodly chunk of my day making the entire gumbo, but I'll be starting my Sunday off with a viewing of "Ralph Breaks the Internet," which I failed to see today because I was simply too tired to wake up at a human hour. Also tonight: I need to finish up a bit of unfinished office work, and I'll be continuing to work on The Book Project About Which I Must Say Little (aiming for a self-publishing date of about May or June, possibly earlier).

Tomorrow: "Ralph," gumbo, laundry, and another bout of walking and staircase-climbing. I saw a video on a new, radical form of high-intensity interval training (a.k.a. HIIT) that has got me rethinking my current approach to better health and fitness. Here's that video:

There's a chance I might try to incorporate this into my current walking routine. That might spice things up a bit. Or it might destroy my knees and ankles unless I buy a bicycle.

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Charles said...

Hooray, gumbo!

And that video reminds me I really need to get back into my HIIT routine as well.