Friday, January 18, 2019

involved in some birfday celebrations

There's death, which weighs heavy, but we also have to celebrate life where and when we can. Two people in our office have birthdays that are very close to each other: Saturday, January 19, and Monday, January 21. One of these people also likes to cook, as it turns out, so he and I began formulating a meal for Monday. A few people from other branch offices will be coming; in total, we'll have around five or six people chowing down. The meal we came up with isn't particularly healthy, and it echoes a meal I did late last year with friends at my place and coworkers at the office. Here's the plan:

1. store-bought BBQ baby-back ribs
2. mac and cheese (Mike Symon's recipe again)
3. cole slaw (no-mayo recipe, which was damn good last time)
4. corn slaw (Kevin's standard spicy recipe)
5. dinner rolls (either Korean "milk bbang" or Costco dinner rolls)
6. cake or tart

The partiers don't know it, but I'll also be making a huge load of "Cajun fried rice" with leftover andouille, plus more chicken and shrimp (small ones this time), and the rest of my Bratwurst and Regensburger Wurst.

That really ought to be plenty, ja?

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