Thursday, January 03, 2019

demographic shift

It's been said that the left is for open borders and rampant illegal immigration because these immigrants eventually end up voting Democrat. The following video argues that, at the same time, another trend is occurring: Generation Z (i.e. those born during the mid-90s and mid-Aughts) is skewing distinctly conservative. So the situation isn't so simple as a leftist Reconquista by la raza thanks to illegal immigration: there are tidal forces at work in the rest of the US population that will offset this trend. The story is far from over.

What's more, the video notes a seismic shift within the Latino community itself (this is, in fact, a community so large that calling it by the singular may be inappropriate: we're talking about Latino communities): more and more Latinos are voting Republican and skewing rightward. These tend to be the hard-working legal immigrants who resent the presence of the illegally border-crossing crowds who, however hard they might also be working (and they do generally work hard, I'll admit), receive federal benefits for free. So the demographic shift isn't just within the non-Latin populace; it's everywhere.

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