Thursday, January 10, 2019


Cornbread. I forgot to put in the baking powder. Each muffin looks like a shortcake for strawberry shortcake.

I belatedly added baking powder to the remaining batter; the muffins in the later batches rose more, but they had a faintly bitter tang. Perhaps there had been too much baking powder. I did go off-recipe this time, adding butter (not in the original recipe) and honey (ditto), but adding the baking powder—which I did rather sloppily—probably didn't help matters. The first batch of muffins tasted better.

I suspect that this entire batch is ruined. I tried a sample of each of the other trays of cornbread I'd baked, and not one tasted the way it should have. No matter: I've got enough material to bake everything again tomorrow.

ADDENDUM: or, instead of making a whole new set of cornbread, I could salvage the current crop by turning it into a nifty bread pudding.

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Charles said...

Sorry to hear about the cornbread. Baking powder comes with its own acid to neutralize the base, so it shouldn't be too bitter; perhaps the addition of honey brought more acid than necessary to the party and threw off the balance? You might try substituting a little baking soda in for part of the baking powder to get the balance right.