Thursday, January 31, 2019

where to get a poncho, then?

The commentariat has spoken, and it looks as though I'm going to go on a search for a poncho in my size. This ought to be easier than finding a rain jacket in my size because ponchos are generally loose and baggy, whereas rain jackets are a bit more form-fitting. I'm a 4XL kind of guy, and that's a size you rarely find in Korea unless you go to a big-and-tall store, of which there are several in Itaewon. I may be heading there, anyway.*

In the meantime, I'm trying to think of other places to find a poncho. The Dongdaemun neighborhood is full of sports- and outdoors-themed shops, but I've been to some of those stores, and they can be way overpriced (example: a shop specializing in sleeping bags didn't have anything for cheaper than $200; in the States, a decent bag is under $90). The large eMart and Lotte Mart stores in the area (eMart at Yangjae, Lotte Mart at Jamshil) might or might not have sections devoted to outdoor activities.

Time is against me. If I don't get a poncho by sometime tomorrow, I'm going to have little choice but to stay two nights in Hanam City. If I walk at all, that is.

If you have suggestions as to where to get a functional poncho, I'm all ears. Or all eyes, given that this is a text medium.

*Since the poncho is probably going to go on over my coat, we're really talking 5XL.

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Charles said...

Huh. That is a good question, actually. I haven't been shopping for a poncho in ages. But I would think that any place that sells sporting/camping good should sell the cheap variety at least.

Another idea is trying a Daiso--they seem to have everything.