Monday, January 07, 2019

shut up and know your place

I'll quote this straight from Instapundit:

SAME UNIVERSITY WHOSE FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION LED ANGRY, DESTRUCTIVE MOBS AGAINST A FALSELY-ACCUSED FRATERNITY, WITHOUT FACING ANY CONSEQUENCES: A second year medical student has been suspended from the University of Virginia after questioning his professors during a lecture on microaggressions.
Kieran Bhattacharya was suspended from the University of Virginia after the institution alleged Bhattacharya became “unnecessarily antagonistic and disrespectful” during a lecture Bhattacharya says was titled “Microaggressions: Why Are They So Sensitive.”

Bhattacharya published audio recordings, both of the classroom incident that led to his suspension, and of the following disciplinary hearing that led to his suspension.

In the classroom recording, as the lecture concluded and students are allowed to ask questions at approximately 28 minutes in, Bhattacharya took the opportunity to raise several concerns with the professor....

Bhattacharya says he was then summoned by the University of Virginia’s Academic Standards and Achievement Committee for punishment.

During the half hour long meeting, Bhattacharya repeatedly asked what about his behavior was incorrect, and how to remedy it. He was criticized for his decision to record the lecture, and repeatedly told that his “this aggressive, threatening behavior” must be changed.

After repeatedly asking for examples of his unprofessional behavior, one committee member suggested his decision to record the meeting as an example.
They know they’re talking nonsense, and they don’t want donors and taxpayers to realize just how bad things are. So they set out to silence a minority student who’s not buying it.

I recommend a scorched-earth lawsuit. And a Department of Education civil rights investigation.

This is the same sort of treatment that arrogant academic twats gave Lindsay Shepherd. What really is the point of going to college anymore if it's all silencing and indoctrination? Whatever happened to the marketplace of ideas?

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