Tuesday, January 15, 2019

news clippings

1. Something's Going On in Europe

2. a critique of a critique of President Trump's piss-poor spelling
      (h/t to John McCrarey)

I wrote John privately about this one:

Truth be told, Trump's gaffes bother me a lot, and for some of the reasons McWhorter points out. How hard is it for an Ivy League grad to be mindful of something as simple as spelling? Styxhexenhammer666 takes the position that Trump is misspelling deliberately as part of a psy-ops move to get people to talk about his tweets. I'm not sure I buy that. At the same time, Althouse et al. have a point when they say that educated language has no necessary connection with the implementation of good policies. My frustration with that way of thinking, though, is that the "successful" get away with being carefree, and by extension, careless: these people feel free to think that someone else will pick up after their linguistic messes. Sigh... Of course, given a choice between an articulate Obama and a barely articulate Trump, I'll choose Trump every time.

3. 10 Reasons Trump Will Win Reelection (some parts could use an editor)
      Read the comments, too.

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