Tuesday, January 08, 2019

aventure matinale

Tuesday morning, I'm waking up very early and heading into town to visit a branch of Daegu Bank. I've decided either to transfer all my money from that account to my Shinhan Bank account, or to withdraw all the cash in W50,000 notes and stuff everything into my wallet. Either way, I'm emptying out my Daegu account and then closing it: it has served its purpose, and I no longer need it. Besides, I find it's easier to keep track of finances when they're consolidated, so there's that as well.

Since I'm now on a quest for cornmeal with which to make cornbread, I suppose I'll swing by a shop near my place of work once I'm done with Daegu Bank downtown. Getting two agenda items done even before I get to work is something of an adventure for me.

UPDATE: overslept again, goddammit. I was up way late working on the gumbo, so that's my excuse. I guess I'll just have to go downtown tomorrow.

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