Sunday, January 13, 2019

more cartoons via Bill

With thanks to Bill Keezer for the links:

In case you're missing the joke re: the second cartoon, this has to do with two things. First: goofy CNN reporter and perennial Trump antagonist Jim Acosta, who recently beclowned himself by going to McAllen, Texas, and examining a border barrier that had been in place for some time. Acosta claimed not to see any sort of national crisis close to the fence; what he seemed to miss was the obvious fact that border-crossers tend to cross the border where there is no fence, so if nothing is happening by a fence, that's probably a sign that the fence is working. And second:

KUSI, a local TV station in San Diego, California, claims that CNN declined an interview with one of its reporters after finding out the reporter thinks a border wall is effective.

KUSI reported on air Thursday that CNN reached out to them and requested the station provide one of its reporters for a segment on the “debate surrounding the border wall and government shutdown.” The station offered Dan Plante, who frequently reports from the border and has spoken to a number of Border Patrol agents who have concluded that a border wall is effective at curbing illegal immigration and drug trafficking.

Steve Cohen, KUSI’s news director, told The Daily Caller in a phone interview that KUSI warned CNN in its offer that Plante would likely not conform to the cable network’s desired narrative on the wall.

“I told my guy, ‘We have to let them know that our approach is the wall works,'” Cohen explained. “CNN got back and said, ‘We’re declining. We don’t need your guy.'”

If it's true but doesn't fit the narrative, chuck it out. Jim Acosta is currently my pick for the Democrats' next Baghdad Bob. Lord knows there are plenty more nominees.

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John Mac said...

Yeah, the hypocrisy illustrated in the first cartoon is astounding, even by the low standards of the Dems. As for Acosta, he's a joke and I just shake my head in wonder at how anyone can call what he does "news".

Perhaps the most amazing thing Trump has done is turn so many otherwise intelligent people into raving lunatics. I guess being consumed by hate will do that to you.