Friday, January 04, 2019

weekend plans

I've got a hankering to try making gumbo again, but to do that, I need to go find okra. My coworker got it for me the last time I made gumbo; he said he'd found it somewhere close to where he lives in the Noksapyeong/Haebangchon area, not far from Itaewon. So I suppose one Saturday project will be to go seek out some dang okra for gumbo. Other ingredients can be found at local groceries and shops, I think, and I'm now armed with plenty of filé powder, so that's covered. A couple differences this time around: (1) I think I've discovered a better way to maek homemade andouille sausages, and (2) I'm going to eschew the black roux in favor of a brown roux: the lighter in color a roux is, the more thickening power it has. Plus, making a black roux last time ended with me burning my stirring hand and creating a ton of smoke in my poor kitchenette. I'd rather avoid that this time around, so: brown roux it is.

I also see that "Ralph Breaks the Internet" is also out. The Korean title for the movie sounds vaguely porny when translated into English: "Ralph the Fist King 2: Into the Internet." I might see that either Saturday or Sunday morning.

Lastly, I'll be doing some more walking. This week wasn't very good for that, and I can feel that my cardiovascular fitness, in particular, has taken a nosedive from a lack of challenging staircases and hills. Time to correct that and get back on track.

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Charles said...

The foreign food shop in Itaewon used to have frozen okra. Haven't checked in a while, though.