Thursday, January 31, 2019

test walk: 37,816 steps

Tonight's walk was much longer than anticipated. It took me until almost 2 a.m.; I had stitched together two walking routes. I had also planned to walk about 30,000 steps, but I ended up walking almost 38,000 steps, i.e., a bit over six hours. All in all, a good test walk for the coming weekend. I had achy feet, but no blisters and no other major pains.

The weather witches are now forecasting light to moderate rain for Sunday, Day 2 of my walk, from early morning until the afternoon. Fuck. I walked in rain during my big walk in 2017, but that was during the balmy spring months. This will be a nasty winter rain, and I need to ask myself whether I'm going to rush out and buy a proper poncho or rain jacket, or simply endure a day of rain and allow myself to get soaked. I have a blue, synthetic-fabric windbreaker that is water-resistant for perhaps the first few minutes of a shower, but after that, it soaks up rainwater like any other sort of cloth. A light rain might be bearable, but a moderate rain could easily soak through my coat, through my windbreaker, and into my bones.

So now the question becomes: buy proper rain gear, or cancel the walk?

Another possibility: it's a five-day weekend but only a four-day walk, so I could sit out Sunday by staying a second night in Hanam City. Expensive, but doable, and rain hasn't been forecast for any other vacation day.


John Mac said...

Impressive! On the rare occasions I break the 30,000 barrier it is spread out over the course of the day. I doubt I could do six continuous hours. Good on you!

What's the downside to buying the poncho? Carrying it around when you don't need it? It doesn't seem that it would be more expensive than a motel room and you'd have it available for future walks. Either way, I think it would be a mistake to spend the day being wet and cold. That's a recipe for getting sick!

Good luck! As always I'll be following along from afar...

Charles said...

I'm with John here. Get yourself a poncho, even one of those lightweight ones that is little more than a sheet of plastic with a hood.