Thursday, January 24, 2019

not to put too fine a point on it...

This woman is indeed unbelievably imbecilic:

Styx predicts she'll sell out her principles within a year. She claims that billionaires are all immoral, but they're the ones funding her party these days. Democrats are now, and have been for a while, the party of the rich. Any talk of "the 1%" rebounds right back to them. Once Ocasio-Cortez realizes the reality and gets a taste for the funding moolah and the power that comes with it, she won't look back. I suspect Styx is right about that.

There's a ton of YouTube videos highlighting this woman's stupidity. I might throw a few of them up here on the blog. Some are entertaining; some aren't that logical in their criticisms of "AOC," as she's now known.


John from Daejeon said...

I think I've thanked you once before for turning me on to Styx, but I'd also like to thank you for introducing me to Candace and Jon as well.

Kevin Kim said...

You're welcome!

The left seems convinced that black people can't be conservative.

Keep 'em on the plantation, right?